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How boring would our lives be if we didn’t have the resort of humor. The Allegro community, apart from providing excellent game programming code, continues to discuss strange subjects, sometimes bordering the thin line between fiction and reality…

Aliens have landed!
One of the first April fool day jokes. Nobody knew what would come afterward.
Allegro 4.0 beta
Just when many had lost their faith and thought Allegro would stagnate before reaching version 4.0, Shawn came and threw some light on the subject.
Proposal for Allegro’s future
An imaginative proposal which was met with a sound silence, possibly meaning that everybody was in agreement. It even spawned a logo
Allegro 5 released! - (low quality copy)
With an excellent timing, Bob managed to announce the fantastic features of the recent fifth incarnation of Allegro, this time even with mind accelerated control! Could this be true?
A new compression format
The previous release of Allegro 5 creates some uncertainty among the Allegro users who don’t know how to handle the new lzip compression format.
Spectrum Allegro 1.0 - (low quality copy)
A discussion about the development of Allegro 5 spawns a new port, it’s time for the Spectrum platform.
The uncertain future of Allegro - (low quality copy)
Peter Wang sadly announces that development of Allegro 5 stagnates favoring a coup d’état by Bob and migration of Allegro users to SDL.
Big ball of mud
A very long text which explains how sometimes software development resembles the slow growth of… a big ball of mud.
Resign Patterns - (low quality copy)
While students in universities are taught design patterns, sooner or later they will meet the anti-patterns of real life.
The Klingon programmer - (low quality copy)
While puny little humans write buggy software, we Klingons laugh in the face of danger and battle with honor! Don’t forget to read other jokes collected by Susan Stepney.
Programmer jokes - (low quality copy)
The title says it all, a bunch of programmer jokes. Some really worth of reading are the undocumented assembler instructions, the lesser-known programming languages or the interview with Stroustrup about the truth of C++. Terrifying.
The evolution of a programmer - (low quality copy)
One of the numerous jokes collected by Stein Langørgen.
The parable of the languages - (low quality copy)
If programming languages could speak, really speak, not just crunch bytes and stream bits, they would have much to say that is both wise and profound. After all, the original programmers were philosophers, and programming languages were philosopher tools…
Infrequently Asked Questions in comp.lang.c - (low quality copy)
An allegro.cc thread commenting on the discouraging comp.lang.c IAQ. The location of the linked document has changed now to http://www.seebs.net/faqs/c-iaq.html.
The lesser known programming languages - (low quality copy)
Some languages are not mainstream, yet address important needs, like the programmer-friendly Laidback, or the mathematically precise Fifth. Michael Harwood also collects other jokes.
The Gamescomposer Online
You just learned how to make games and ran out of game-ideas? Then press a button and the generator will give you one.