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TINS and KrampusHack - TINS and KrampusHack are yearly game writing competitions, organized by Amarillion.

Held every summer, TINS is a 72h “Speedhack”. Your goal is to create a game in this very short timeframe, following some special random rules that are announced right at the start. For example, the rules may say you have to create a game with subliminal messages, or with hexagons, or with a flowery theme.

Held every December, KrampusHack is a secret-santa style event. You are randomly assigned another participant, and you have to make a game for them, based on their wishlist and personal preferences. It’s a freestyle game jam that lasts 18 days, so there is less time pressure.

Check some of the past game jam submissions on Youtube



The Allegro SizeHack3D 2001

The Allegro Team Competition 2001 - The purpose of the competition is not only to match the game programming skills of different people, but also to promote programming in teams, to improve the organisation skills involved. To make it even more interesting, the rules say that the team must consist of people from different countries.

The Pixelate Games Competition 2001 - This time you will have a few months to write your entry, but will it be good enough?

IdeaHack 2001 - Never found the appropriate competition due to restrictive rules? This one is for you: before entering, you submit an idea or requirement your game will have to follow, and your entry will be scored depending on how well you meet your own goal.

BlitzHack 2003 - The BlitzHack is a six-hour-long Allegro-focussed game programming competition, in which entrants strive to make the best game possible with extremely limited time constraints using a shared backstory as a theme and basis for the game, a shared media set, and a shared code snippet set.