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Allegro on IRC

If you want to get help quickly, or simply discuss programming with Allegro with other people, join us in the FreeNode IRC network http://irc.freenode.net/. We run two channels there:


This is the general Allegro channel, where you can discuss about anything you like. You will find many of the allegro.cc regulars and some of the developers there. Discussion will be related to Allegro as often as it will be not.


This is the channel for Allegro development. Usually only the developers will be here and discuss development issues of Allegro. This is also the channel where monthly developer meetings are held.

Notes about using IRC

If you don’t know how to enter the channel, you can obtain a list of servers from https://freenode.net. If you are new to IRC, it is also a good idea to read https://freenode.net/changuide so you can learn quickly what are the things you shouldn’t do on the channel to avoid upsetting people. If you have problems using the Allegro library, there is a lot of documentation you should check before coming here. You can for example check the Documentation section of this web page, where you have the FAQ, help guidelines and Allegro’s documentation online.

The language used in the IRC channel is English. You can eventually ask there in another language, but most of the people there understand only English, so this would limit the richness of your conversation ;).