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Most of these tutorials are rather old, and mainly discuss Allegro 4. We hope that more Allegro 5 tutorials will start to appear soon!

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Allegro 5 tutorials

Allegro Vivace
A begginer guide to writing games with Allegro.

Allegro 4 tutorials

Allegro Vivace
A beginner guide to writing games with Allegro and DJGPP, by George Foot.
Allegro 3D Tutorial
Introduction to 3D concepts and annotated version of ex3d.c, by Tero Parvinen.
Pot of gold…
Informations about how to use truecolor video modes.
Programming with Allegro and STL - (copy)
Object-oriented game programming tutorial by Ove Kåven. This tutorial was written long ago with RHIDE in mind when Allegro was available only for DJGPP, but you can still use it with the current Allegro if you keep in mind that there is a truecolor bug when you use 4.0 and posterior Allegro versions.
How To Program Games
Tutorial/example series by George Foot.
Lighting Effects
Some random musings about various possible approaches to realtime lighting.
Palette Reduction
Information about how to color-reduce a group of images, using the FixPal and Smacker utilities, by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz.
Mysteries of ex3d.c
A 3D tutorial by Robin Burrows.
Allegro Hacker’s Guide
Information about various inner workings of the library code.
Portability Guidelines
Some suggestions about how to maximize the portability of your Allegro programs.
The making of the X-wing demo
This article written by Marco Monster discusses the development of an Allegro demo program to illustrate the use of 3d texture mapped models. Includes an introduction to BSP-trees. Source code is also provided.
How to make a Pong game
Tutorial which explains creation of a Pong like game with DJGPP and Allegro.
Game creation tutorial
Game creation tutorial for C with Allegro, written in French.
Allegro tutorial
It contains everything to start with Allegro (in French).
An online game developing magazine started sometime around March 2001 which keeps growing bigger and better with the help of the Allegro community.
Uploading files to SimTel
If you’ve written an Allegro add-on package, it would be a good idea to upload it to the Allegro directory on SimTel, so that it can be mirrored around the world, included on CD-ROM distributions, and will still be easily accessible even if you move your homepage. This document explains how you can do this.
The Allegro GUI Clinic
Tutorial covering pretty much all of the GUI functions.
Graphical instructions to configure Visual Studio.Net with Allegro (pdf)
Juan Carlos Ruiz Pacheco has contributed this graphical step by step guide on how to configure Visual Studio.Net to compile Allegro C programs.
Allegro Quick Reference
This quick reference page was written by Connelly Barnes and updated to reflect Allegro 4.2. Also translated into Japanese by Ohsawa Hirotaka.
Allegro tutorial in French
A tutorial created by Frédéric Drouillon.
Tutorial how to create games
Tutorial that describes the basics of games creating (graphics, animations, mouse, keyboard, time, etc.). Including several examples written using Allegro. In Czech.
Allegro/C++ tutorial
Brief tutorial of C++ and games programming in Allegro containing a lot of examples and a game programmed in C++ & Allegro (including the source code). In Czech.
C++ game programming
This site will show all you need to know in order to create your own video games coded in C++. It provides a few basic C++ lessons which will teach you all you need to move on to the graphics lessons, which use Allegro.