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[Big Allegro logo]

[Alex] Welcome to the Allegro logo section. Above this text you can see the bigger version of the top left corner logo. This logo was created with the help of the CoolText web site. You can go there and create any simple logo for your web page, or a replica of this logo with the correct size for your Allegro program if you want to show it as a splash screen or somewhere in your credits. It was created using the 128 pixels Utopia font, with #6495ed as the text color and #ffffff as the hightlight color.

[Small Allegro logo]

The top left corner logo may not look the same, but that’s because the shadows and hightlight change slightly with different font sizes. It looked like above for a long time, but it seems now the cooltext site changed so we couldn’t reproduce a version of the logo without the white box behind it. Therefore it was recreated programmatically with an A5 program.

See the little green guy to the left? He’s Alex the Allegator, and since version 4.0 he is included with Allegro in misc/alex.xpm. It was drawn by Johan Peitz.

[awiki logo] A similar logo was created for use on the Allegro wiki. It was made in Gimp using the free URW Bookman Italic font, and works on any background by using a PNG with alpha channel, instead of solid white.

Anyway, people with (much) better art skills than the average programmer have contributed in the past to the Allegro community with different logos. The purpose of these logos is usually to be shown somewhere in your game, or printed out in your manual, to either promote Allegro itself or to get that cool professional look. Remember, however, that the license itself doesn’t require you to tell anything about the library in your programs, but if you want to do it, here you have a few graphics to choose from.

Use the links at the top and bottom of each page to navigate through the different logos. Unless stated otherwise, you can use them freely without restriction, just like you do with Allegro. If you want to contribute to this section, please contact one of the webmasters to agree on how to send the graphic. In fact, the best you can do is to put your logo on some page and give us the URL, so that we can grab it and add a link to your homepage too.

Oh, and by the way, below you have the Allegro logo shown in the demo’s intro flic. To the right you see another very old logo (veteran Allegro users will probably also remember the grey page which hosted it), which was initially used as the main logo of the Allegro web page. Yeah, it uses only 16 colors, but we will keep it here for all the nostalgic people of the world who started programming games with Allegro and DJGPP :-).

Demo's splash screen Old Talula logo

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