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The Allegro documentation comes in the source package. Here, we host some popular versions of the generated documentation, and provide an online browseable version, too.

File format Allegro 5.2 Allegro GIT Allegro 4.x
Online HTML 5.2.2 5.2.x (GIT) 4.4.0
older versions
Compiled HTML format (CHM) 4.2.1 (913 KiB)
PDF format 5.2.2 (916 KiB) 4.2.1 (2769 KiB)
PostScript gzipped format 4.2.1 (536 KiB)

Allegro.cc's manuals -
Matthew Leverton hosts the Allegro manuals, with a different style and integration with the Allegro.cc forums.

Apart from Allegro's manual, there is also a tutorial section with links to contributed documentation. And there are also written paper books which teach Allegro. As of now, these mainly discuss Allegro 4.