QNX specifics

In terms of file redistribution, the QNX platform behaves practically the same as the DOS platform. Read section chapter "Dos specifics" in the manual to learn more about this.

Drivers GFX_*/QNX

QNX Allegro supports the following card parameters for the set_gfx_mode() function:
See also: set_gfx_mode.
Drivers DIGI_*/QNX

The QNX sound functions support the following digital sound cards:
      DIGI_AUTODETECT      - let Allegro pick a digital sound driver
      DIGI_NONE            - no digital sound
      DIGI_ALSA            - ALSA sound driver
See also: detect_digi_driver, install_sound, install_sound_input.
Drivers MIDI_*/QNX

The QNX sound functions support the following MIDI sound cards:
      MIDI_AUTODETECT      - let Allegro pick a MIDI sound driver
      MIDI_NONE            - no MIDI sound
      MIDI_ALSA            - ALSA RawMIDI driver
      MIDI_DIGMID          - sample-based software wavetable player
See also: detect_midi_driver, install_sound, install_sound_input.

QNX integration routines

The following functions provide a platform specific interface to seamlessly integrate Allegro into general purpose QNX programs. To use these routines, you must include qnxalleg.h after other Allegro headers.

PtWidget_t qnx_get_window(void);

Retrieves a handle to the window used by Allegro. Note that Allegro uses an underlying window even though you don't set any graphics mode, unless you have installed the neutral system driver (SYSTEM_NONE).

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