Mixer routines

void set_mixer_quality(int quality);

Sets the resampling quality of the mixer. Valid values are the same as the `quality' config variable. Please read chapter "Standard config variables" for details. You can call this function at any point in your program, even before allegro_init().
See also: get_mixer_quality, Standard config variables.
int get_mixer_quality(void);

Returns the current mixing quality, as specified by the `quality' config variable, or a previous call to set_mixer_quality().
See also: set_mixer_quality, Standard config variables.
int get_mixer_frequency(void);

Returns the mixer frequency, in Hz.
See also: Standard config variables.
int get_mixer_bits(void);

Returns the mixer bit depth (8 or 16).
See also: Standard config variables.
int get_mixer_channels(void);

Returns the number of output channels. 2 for stereo, 1 for mono, 0 if the mixer isn't active.
See also: Standard config variables.
int get_mixer_voices(void);

Returns the number of voices allocated to the mixer.
See also: reserve_voices.
int get_mixer_buffer_length(void);

Returns the number of samples per channel in the mixer buffer.
See also: Standard config variables.

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